LED light Therapy is now available at Zen ThreadingLED Light Facial Therapy is technology developed by NASA using light emitting diodes (LED) that have been scientifically proven by independent clinical trials to re-energize cellular function and restore the body’s ability to heal itself. LED reacts with cytochromes in the body. Cytochromes are parts of the cells that respond to color and light. Cytochromes, when activated, stimulates tissue growth and regeneration. In addition, NASA reported that DNA synthesis in fibroblasts (skin cells) and muscle cells quadrupled with exposed to LED light.

LED Light Therapy Pittsburgh
We proudly use the FDA approved Celluma LED light therapy device. Celluma LED light therapy is used at the top medical spas around the country. Celluma LED light therapy treatment device is made in the USA and is the top choice for both spas and medical providers.

How many LED light treatments are needed to see results?
LED red light anti-aging or blue light acne treatments, twice a week, for a minimum of 5 weeks are necessary to achieve the optimal results, with a twice monthly visit thereafter for maintenance. Treatments are thirty minutes in duration.

LED Light Therapy Facial Treatments – Is it affordable?
Yes! We offer LED light treatment packages for a great savings! Currently, we are offering an introductory price of $150 for 10 sessions. Single visits cost $20 for the 30 minute light treatment.

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