Facial Options :

  1. Diamond Demabrasion
  2. 24K Gold Facial
  3. Instaglow Facial
  4. Fruit Facial
  5. Herbal Facial
  6. Perl Facial
  7. Silver Facial
  8. Skin Whitening Facial
  9. Face Massage
  10. Teen Facial


For many years, we’ve specialised in skin and beauty, making it a type of treatment. Relaxing and indulgent, facials are truly the perfect way to take deluxe care of your skin and to make your face glow with radiance and youth. We provide facials for all skin types and aspire to complete your beauty goals using our unique skin care methods.

A bespoke facial treatment tailored to your skin type and needs. The perfect way to boost and rejuvenate the skin. Regular facials improve the texture and condition of skin, as well as muscle tone and circulation.


  1. Reduce stress and relieve psychological distress
  2. cleanse your skin
  3. prevent ageing
  4. promotes blood circulation
  5. rejuvenate your skin
  6. detoxify the skin
  7. eliminate white and black heads
  8. opens up skin pores
  9. exfoliate skin
  10. tighten skin
  11. reduce under eye bags and dark circles
  12. get even skin tone
  13. Black head and white head treatment
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