If you’re thinking of dyeing your hair but are hesitant about the chemicals in salon and drugstore fare, then henna may be a great option for you! Ah fabulous natural alternative to synthetic hair colouring, henna is a red dye prepared from crushing the plant leaves of Lawsonia inermis to a powder and making it into a paste called mehndi. In addition to ravishing red, henna can be mixed with other elements like indigo or cassia to make darker or more neutral shades of red. Used since ancient times in the Middle East and India, henna is also used in body art to create beautiful and intricate patterns that stain the skin with the dye. Treating your hair with henna isn’t difficult, but the process differs from regular dyeing in the time it takes, so some patience is required. Plan on people stopping you to compliment your hair!

Healthy henna benefits

In addition to gracing your crowning glory with gorgeous shades that you can’t achieve with boxed drugstore products, henna is so safe you could eat it (!) and benefits the scalp by balancing the pH of the hair, thus helping with dry scalp and dandruff. Henna is also antimicrobial, anti-fungal, and detoxifies the hair shaft by removing excess oil but it also locks in moisture, helping to prevent split ends and breakage.


You will find your hair has more volume, is smoother, shiner, and thicker, with beautiful highlights and lowlights that are picked up by your natural colouring. The texture of your hair will not have the dried-out feeling that chemicals can give it and henna can make thin hair more manageable without hairspray, gels, and goopy stuff. Henna applications on thick hair can help it lay down better, reduce frizziness, and help the scalp feel better.

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